ROCK OPERA 2, 11/28/2019. Sava center

ROCK OPERA 2, 11/28/2019. Sava center
Sava Centar, Milentija Popovića, Belgrade, Serbia

Concert program

28 November 2019 20:30

Great hall


220-60-60 Ticket prices: 2000, 2200, 2400, and 2600 dinars


They began their mission only a year and a half ago, and each ticket required a ticket for more, so they firmly decided to continue and enchant the audience with new rock hits to perform at the Rock Opera 2 concert on November 28, again at the Sava Center . The brilliant musicians of the Opera of the Serbian National Theater and the Novi Sad Big Bend, now united under the joint name of Pop’s Orchestra and outstanding soloists under the conductor baton of Fedor Vrtachnik, have prepared new arrangements for world hits. There will be new songs in the repertoire, the sound will be firmer and with even more emotion, and the musicians, most of whom are classical music performers, will again combine different music genres with extraordinary music. This musical spectacle does not know the boundaries of performance, so the concert will be equally enjoyed by fans of classical music and lovers of rock, blues, jazz, pop, opera. The powerful voices of the soloists leave them breathless, raising the audience to their feet and causing a standing ovation, so only at Rock Opera concerts can one experience a special atmosphere and a wonderful energy that evokes the beauty of music to everyone in the hall. The Rock Opera Music Show marked the 17th Belgrade Beer Fest in August, with more than 100,000 people enjoying the concert, and new musical surprises and treats awaiting the audience at the Sava Center.


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