RUF RECORDS BLUES CARAVAN 09/21/2019 Dom omladine

RUF RECORDS BLUES CARAVAN 09/21/2019 Dom omladine
Dom omladine, Dečanska, Belgrade, Serbia

Ruf Records Blues Caravan embarked on the journey in 2005 as a traveling blues show featuring three prominent performers each year from the current catalog of one of the most important blues and record labels, Ruf Records. In recent years, BC has introduced to Europe and the world many significant blues artists and set the “gold standard of modern blues”. In keeping with his programmatic commitment, Blues Caravan has also promoted many young musicians and opened the door to the big stage for them. This year we have the opportunity to meet three young and, we are sure, future big stars of the world blues: Ina Forsman, Ally Venable and Katarina Pejak.

The concert organizers in Belgrade are the Youth Center and Blues Time, with the support of the US Embassy in Serbia. Tickets (numbered seats) are pre- sold via TicketVision network, priced at RSD 1,000. On the day of the concert the price will be 1200 RSD.

In the first part of the European tour, in February and March, the girls held more than 40 concerts, toured Germany, Austria, Switzerland, parts of France and the Netherlands, in July they performed at the prestigious Amal Blues Festival in Sweden. The tour continues in the fall with concerts in England, Scotland, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Serbia, performing

on September 21 at the Great Hall of the Belgrade Youth Center.




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