She Loves Pablo Northern Revival 16.02.2019. Gerila

She Loves Pablo   Northern Revival 16.02.2019. Gerila
Trifkovićev trg 3, Novi Sad, Serbia
22:30Novi SadSrbija
She Loves Pablo Saturday, February 16, 2019.Gerila Bar / Novi Sad

“Removed on gasoline and nails” is just one of the striking and powerful reactions to She Loves Pablo recorded after the release of their first album, “Mother Of All” from 2009. Warming up before the big jubilee concert in Zagreb will take place in mid-February in our country. This band is certainly one of the most prominent stoner / sludge / rock bands from the Zagreb scene, bringing incredible energy in its live performances and therefore this concert should not be missed.
The stage was shared with US underground rock legends Clutch and Karma To Burn, German stoner veterans Color Haze, and among others with the Cavallera brothers, the founders of the cult metal band Sepultura. Leading the prodigious vocal of Domagoj Šimeka, since the founding of 2005 until today, they have repeatedly touched the road to Europe and have played across the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and all countries of the region.
Croatian underground scene won the first debut release of ‘Mother Of All’. Already sold out in CD format, in February they will finally be able to see their vinyl re-release, and they will be able to buy it at the concert. The next two albums mark the stylistic expansion – ‘Burn And Levitate’ (2013) to the radiophonic rock, while ‘Try Mandarin’ (2016) brings a tougher and cheerful sound, as well as a more complex song structure. They are currently working on a new album from which the first single with the video will be released soon. The concert repertoire will be a cross-section of the band’s previous work, with an exclusive presentation of a part of the new material.
As a guest and local support, NORTHERN REVIVAL will be present at this concert, which will give the entire event even more complete form.
Saturday February 16 // 22: 30hCartages for a price of 300 dinars can be downloaded to Gerila.Vidimo se!


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