SLEEP Opening Season 2019 / 30.31 May

SLEEP Opening Season 2019 / 30.31 May
Savski kej, Belgrade, Serbia
30.May.2019 - 01.Jun.2019
Myth, dance, team, atmosphere, … Belgrade Summer, it’s not without SHOP! 😉 We open the gates, year SEDMA! This season we will be even more valuable, we will introduce a new day – SREDU, and what and how, soon in the city everyone will know! 😉 Of course, with the old checks we will also have some new discontinuities, we will play, play with sound and phases, just to scatter your curiosity and imagination.

★★★ Of course we open with the three most precious classic ★★★

▼ THURSDAY 30th May ♫ BEYOND 2000 by Dulex 🎧Music with which you will never grow up, the most popular hits of the 21st century! Many of you know how Straight Zimus shook, and Toward rocking last summer in a rhythm of youth, so we continue even more fresh, even more modern!

▼ FRIDAY May 31 ♫ MASHUP OR SHUTUP by Me-High-Low 🎧The greatest virtuoso among DJs, unpredictable to the end, revolves so that no one even thinks about mobile, culpability, boredom … just crazy and screaming with countless magov mashupov!

▼ SATURDAY June 1 ♫ SLEEPING by Marko Gangbanger 🎧On the first day with you, the creator of ŠleParenje, from the trance of the whole club to the finest morning emotions, the roller coaster through the biggest hits. Just DANCE, DANCE, DANCE … All Night Long!

✿ YEAR YEAR 2019 may begin! 😉 ✿
For Reserving tables, if you are interested and have a 5 plus team write to the inbox page Club Shlep We see seeee, expect too much! 😉


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