Street Art Camp 04 – 09.07.2019. KC Baraka

Street Art Camp 04 – 09.07.2019. KC Baraka
Nušićeva, Belgrade, Serbia

Street Art Camp is intended for all ages at the beginning of the development of expression through street art and murals. The program is adapted to the age, sensibility and interest of the participants. The aim of the workshop is to inspire and provide practical knowledge in support of further work.

-Unknown (individual and group discussion of interests, overview of sketches and works done)
-The introductory lecture (short history of street art through conversation, photographs and scenes from documentaries)
– Recognition with the local and world scene
Drawing sketches, developing ideas and compositions
-Develop the message and poetics in painting
-Turning the Name (TAG)
-Shelling on the Wall or the Window Introduction to Techniques
-Wedding wall (wall, substrate and color ratio)
-Shooting on different materials (metal, glass, wood ..)
-Using brush and acrylic
-Using sprays and various caps
-Refunding the template
Drawing and painting with markers and pumps
-Combining colors with different bases
The workshop is led by Jovan Ćurčić
For applications and information, you can send mail to with the name STREET ART CAMP
Number of places limited


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