Sub Rosa VII 04.06.2019. drugstore

Sub Rosa VII 04.06.2019. drugstore
Bulevar despota Stefana 115, Belgrade, Serbia
There can be no hiding. Only a way out.

Last two years year Sub Rosa was all about promoting artists that were unrevealed, giving them a chance to share their passion while also leaving them plenty of leftfield space to explore. We are happy that these parties curated by Gana overcame our intentions, shaping a bunch of great new friendships, exciting collaborations and dear memories with Zhe Pechorin, Y/6543, DNO MORA aka SUTON, Shaan, Poor Henry aka POLAKA, Milos Zec, Andrija, IIV & Marko Rikaloski, UBICA, Bucalo, Bolelee, Cuban Chamber of Commerce, Envélope Cruz, N. Delay, Ormal & Divlje Palme, to most of which Sub Rosa was the debut performance at Drugstore.

Third season starts with three of the most intriguing young dj/producers of the Belgrade scene who are invited to poke into the bounds of what can be danced to in a club setting today. Come early and get carried away by DJ sets from AASKA, Tulumbaklava, 7II, and Gana:



7II is one of the worst Dj’s in Belgrade when it comes to writing his bio. Like in music, crossing the line becomes a habbit for this young gentleman, whether it’s über fast, uncompromising dance music, or cheesy lines that are supposed to make you laugh, but ultimately end up making you cringe, the boi always provokes a strong reaction. No words can describe the true nature of his music, as it is one of the few mysteries he himself is yet to discover, but these links come pretty close. Come see him as he presses play once again in the garden of §


Tulumbaklava is a music loving candyman, he will bring out all of his hidden sweets this evening. Either you come to his truck, or he will pick you up around the corner. Whatever you chose, there can be no hiding…



200 RSD before midnight / 300 RSD after


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