Superheroes of alternative scenes in the role of DJ 13.04.2019. KPGT

Superheroes of alternative scenes in the role of DJ 13.04.2019. KPGT
Radnička 3, Belgrade, Serbia
BUKA! NOW! presents you with superheroes of an alternative scene that select the music for all lovers of good sound in the role of a jockey disc, on three stays: Mile Kekin (Cold Beer), Cane (Partibrejkers), Ivan Novak (Laibach), DJ His Excellency Black Tooth, Vasil Hadžimanov, Vukasin (Irie FM), Dr. Atheist Rap, Koyot (Eyesburn), Jovan (Del Arno Bend), Zika Todorovic, Uros Djuric, Artan Lili, Maja (E Play), Constructa and Zoe Kida (Zemlja Gruva), Igor (Playboy) Bosko (Straight Mickey and the Boyz) is still surprised soon …
Belgrade’s Ultimate Cultural Action invites you to the widest party of this year – BUY! NOW!
It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the event BUKKA! NOW! And this spring shakes the city.
BUKA! NOW! is ranked among the ultimate disco jockeys, distinguished by the concept and unique offer within which the leaders of the most influential bands from these spaces perform.
This year we invited guests to the famous regional performers who will delete all the borders with their performance. BUKA! NOW! was created precisely with the aim of promoting certain city values and music whose existence has left an indelible mark in the history of Rock


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