The Brazil Day in Block 45

The Brazil Day in Block 45
Dr Ivana Ribara 115b, Belgrade, Serbia

The Brazil Day in Block 45 is an event that will bring the sounds, food, and spirit of Brazil to New Belgrade’s blocks. The event will take place on 25th of May in front of the cafe Ama Baš za Decu on Lazaro Kardenas promenade in Block 45.

Come to enjoy the sounds of samba and bossa nova, learn the basics of capoeira and Brazilian dances, and taste the famous pão de queijo with Brazilian coffee and the most refreshing coctail – caipirinha.

In the evening (18h), the band O Bato will perform unique covers of samba and bossa nova classics and bossa nova renditions of songs from this region. In addition, at the “after-party” Dj Frast will tune in directly from Brazil and bring some Brazilian funk and pop sounds.

Bring your kids, friends, relatives, pets, and neighbors to Block 45 and have fun in the Brazilian way!

Event is supported by the Centar Brazilske Kulture (Center for Brazilian Culture), Moja Tašta ne Pije Svašta coffe brewery, Ma-Jo bakery, Medenjak sweetshop, and Dogma brewery.

Entrance is free of charge.


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