Umbrella party // Friday, July 12, 2019. Dragstor Garden

Umbrella party // Friday, July 12, 2019. Dragstor Garden
Bulevar despota Stefana 115, Belgrade, Serbia
The umbrella goes out in the garden of Dragstore and pulls guests from China and Japan. We hope that by July 12 you will burn the sun and all of you will come and trample on the parties because it’s not time to hide. It’s time to jump, it’s time for sweat, it’s time for summer rhythms and hanging out until the morning. Then in the morning, with the first sun, a little while, until we get away from the tiredness. Then a little more.
Yuto Takei comes from Japan where he began as a producer of video game music, and currently lives and works in Amsterdam where he sounds his voice by working with teams from Red Light Radio and De School. None sounds are brothers Aishan and Hesher from China who are currently stationed in Barcelona. Their live electronic set performs 800 thousand kilos of analogue equipment as a duo and it fantastic sounds and looks.
Guests from the East will be in the atrium in front, Umbrella DJs in the officially part. The sale starts from June 18 in Zaokret at a price of 300 dinars. At the entrance will be 500.
See you!
Yuto Takei Soundcloud: RA:


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