(UN) CONNECTED – MALINADA COLLECTIVE (SRB / HR) 20.09.2019. CirkoBalkana

(UN) CONNECTED – MALINADA COLLECTIVE (SRB / HR) 20.09.2019. CirkoBalkana
LUKA BEOGRAD, Žorža Klemansoa, Belgrade, Serbia
PerformanceDate: 20.09.Time: 20: 00Duration: 60′ Age: 5 Ticket Price: 500 rsd Place: Circobalcan Tent Authors and performers: Morana Radočaj, Hristina ŠormazProducers / Organizers: Malinada Collective (Hr / Srb), Cirkorama (Hr), Cirkusfera (Srb) CirkoBalkana (Hr / Srb) Music: Antun Gverović, song “Ritki zrok” – Valentino BoskovićDesign of light: Domagoj ŠoićExternal associates: Domagoj Šoić, Jadranka Žinić Mijatović (UN) CONNECTED was created through a longstanding friendship between the authors. They find ideas and material to work in the everyday situations they go through as they spend time together, which is inevitably influenced by their frequent separation. Using these situations, just picture or emotion, they transform them on stage through the movement and techniques of the contemporary circus. In this way, they deal with the subject of friendship, the influence of physical proximity and distance, communication, the struggle for domination … and let go of uncertainty.

Discounts and discounts at Cirkobalkana Festival: Students and pensioners get a 20% discount on the ticket price with the attached documents. Family Package 3 1 ticket free. Group ticket reservations (5 and more people) get a 20% discount on the total ticket price by booking by emailing cirkobalkana@gmail.com with the name of the contact person, the name of the show, the date of the show, the number of tickets and the contact phone.* the above discounts are not applicable for the French company Un loup pour l’homme-RARE BIRDS


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