Valentine's Day ★ Movies Night ★ Štrafta

Valentine's Day  ★ Movies Night ★ Štrafta
Admirala Geprata 14, Belgrade, Serbia
★! MOVIES NIGHT FOR THE DAY OF THE FOLLOWING! ★ Night of the red carpet, you will be spotted with spotlights … as if your prime, the whole Straftwood is given to you! SOUNDTRACK party of dreams for a dream couple! A romantic muse, a mute, a mug for scribbling … there is no end list , as well as the boundaries. Just dance till morning, along with all those memorable tracks that marked the most legendary films. Let’s see, girls, are you more dangerous innocence like Anica Dobra in Bombarder or you are a dragon-woman like Selma Hajek in From Twilight to Sunrise … Fans , are you ala La la Ryan or Bakcho from RnRa? In general, do we fuse more on Flashdance or Footloose? Do we sing as John Travolta in Brilliantine or as Rami Malek in Rapsodia ?! Whatever, WEEKLY FRIDAY IS ABOUT US!
DJ Nebojša Intruder is in charge of music with the support of DJ Dulex.
★ Valentine’s Day as a movie! ★
Reservations of tables in the inbox pagea Strafe The entrance of the dressing room 300 din.Aquarius! 😉


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