Vertical LIVE 12.01.2019. K9 Station

Vertical LIVE 12.01.2019. K9 Station
Dimitrije Bugarskog 12a, Novi Sad, Serbia
21:00Novi SadSrbija
For the third year in a row, Jungle saves you a new year blast into another dimension! : D
This time, the right from Finland comes from an artist we called from all of our favorite Parvati Records.
After 2 flights, Vertikal returns to “IZUJE IZ GAĆA” all present with a new name and once again to cross the good times in Novi Sad !!
Serious baking of reality is announced to all of you who missed the Island 2017 because the forest is coming to the city with double-sounding sound, 7 times more décor and 3D mapping for all present! : D: D
Do we live in a simulation ?!
-We’re going to say January 12 @ K9 Station !!
See you on an epic reunion again !!
Lineup:Vertical – Parvati Records LIVE!
Pura (Zen.IT Galaxy Records)
Dj Andjela (Occulta Records)
Zambia (Jungle Island) Lyabidelic (Jungle Island) Lazanya (Jungle Island)

MORE INFO SOON !!!!!! _______________________________________________________________

* The number of tickets is limited by the space capacity of about 500 pieces.

-Cena for pre-sale: 800 RSD @ Cultural Center LAB (up to stock expiry)
-Cena at the entrance: 1000 RSD @ K9 Station (up to the stock expiration same)
TRK DO LABA! : D _______________________________________________________________

** We missed the 12th event for a number of reasons, we hope you will not be hard to get into the New Year’s trip. : D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Third year in a row, Jungle is getting the Orthodox New Year’s Eve BLAST ready for interdimensional travel!
This time, straight from Finland, we’re gonna be seeing an artist from everyone’s favorite Parvati Records!
2 summers ago, we were visited by Vertical, and noW he’s back to BLOW your MINDs and set the bar for having a good time in Novi Sad, even higher!
The forrest is coming to town with more sound, 7 times more deco and 3D visual performances!
Are we living in a simulation? We’ll find out on 12th of January @@ k9station!
See you there on another EPIC journey!

* The Orthodox New Year’s Eve is on 13th actually, we had to move it to 12th, hope you dont mind! 🙂
The pre-price is 800 RSD @ Kulturni Centar LAB The price on the event is 1000 RSD @ K9 Station
See you in the Jungle!


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