Year without a flight 24.04.2019. Bitef art teatar

Year without a flight 24.04.2019. Bitef art teatar
Skver Mire Trailović 1, Belgrade, Serbia
Year without a flight
Co-production of Bitef Theater and Service Station for Contemporary Dance
Concept and choreography: Dušan Murić, Jovana Rakić, Marko MilićConstruction and artistic cooperation: Nemanja Bošković, Ana Zagorac Ignjatović, Katarina Ilijašević, Miloš Janjić, Jana Milenković, Mina Petrović, Tamara Pjević, Danka Sekulović, Hristina Šormaz, Boris Vidaković, Nikola Živković Costume Designer: Đorđe Tešić Composer: Bojan PalikućaProducentkinje: Ana Vuković, Sanja LjumovićVideo art: Jovan Nedeljković, Marko Bogunović, Marta MandićFotografija: Matija JovanovićGrafički dizajner: Arpad Blaško
About the show:
Year without a year deals with the topics of the novel “Frankenstein – Modern Prometheus” Mary Shelley. Taking into account the historical circumstances in which the work was made, natural events such as eruption of volcanoes, echoes of industrial revolutions from then until now, but also the creation and breaking of relationships and relationships, choreographers have worked on hyperproduction of materials from three different perspectives. The Frankenstein combination in the merging of these materials makes the seams visible, and each performance is different.
Understanding failure in the context of artistic and scientific work, practices and conditions, using dance and other media, deals with the imperfections of people and ideas and the inconsistency that lies in every decision. The relation of the creator and the created, the craving for the virtue / progress that leads to an accident / punishment.
The performance, created within the project Frankenstein, in the context of artistic production is dedicated to the problematization of ideas such as persistence, consistency and longing for the satisfaction of needs.
The imperfection as a space for the strategy, the decision-making space and the take-up of an initiative that is not burdened with compulsory confirmation of success is precisely the place where the artists gathered on the project exist and work.

“You’re doing something, successful, it’s very nice, designed for admiration, but it” helps “everything gets worse, and worse: it’s making it better.”


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