Retrospective 2nd Edition with JOTI SIDHU 23.11.2019. Klub Trezor

Retrospective 2nd Edition with JOTI SIDHU 23.11.2019. Klub Trezor
Kneza Miloša 9, Belgrade, Serbia
● Date: Saturday. 23 November 2019
● Location: Club Trezor / Belgrade, Serbia

••● LIVE ACTS ●••

✪ JOTI SIDHU ✪ Psychaos Recording//UK
✪ SPECIES ✪ Ultra Groove rec.//SRB

••● SUPPORT ●••

✪ Xperiment &Stara Škola DJs ✪


In 1998, with the setting up of Atomic Records in Brighton UK, and Psychaos as its first release, Joti soon became one of the top selling acts, and has certainly carved his distinctive style into the music and the scene, releasing such tracks as ; „Intellect“ (TIP), „Perception of Reality“ (ACID), „Chaos to Order“ (Transient), „Creative Anomaly“ (Atomic) to name but afew. Joti also enjoys collaborating with other artists and friends with tracks such as ; „Science Fiction“ with Ben Watkins (Juno Reaktor, ‘The Matrix’), „Outer Breath“ Aztec (Atomic), „1000 Planets“ with Paul Jackson (Dragonfly), „Dodgy Connection“ with Tim Schuldt. To name afew of the oldies…
In 1999 Joti released his solo album Psychaos „Cause and Effect“ on Atomic records. This was followed by a string of releases such as the „Techno Logical“ 12″ and „Docklands State of Mind Vol2“ (Docklands Records, Sweden), „Creative Anomaly“ on Kiss The Future (Atomic Records).

After the closing of Atomic Records late 2001 Joti started working closer with Neurobioic Records, Italy, managed and owned by Dj Edoardo Marvaso.

In the last few years Joti has „put himself back to school“, redefined his sound and technique and dropped the PSYCHAOS name as the whole PSY thing seemed to be wearing thin….he finished his second album , which sees joti taking a cleaner slicker production line under the guise of „JOTI SIDHU“ calling the album „PUNKTUATOR“ and the release being on Neurobiotic records in 2003.

In 2006 Joti left the UK and moved to Ibiza…..which had seen another change in direction in his third album, JOTI SIDHU – „NEW SENSATIONS“, that features 8 tracks and two bonus remix tracks by Shanti Matkin and PTX (Patrick Chen).

Now Joti has moved back to London he has returned to the studio and perhaps back to his older concepts of trance and techno and has married them into his new album „ORDER TO CHAOS“ due for release on the 8th of October 2010. A new 2 track ep sampler of the album was released in August on Neurobiotic available on Beatport.

With the new album finished, Joti has started Screenagers, which is a collaboration between himself and Neurobiotic label manager Edoardo Marvaso.
The track Screenagers on the new album Order to Chaos is the title track for their new act. They are now busy in the studio creating their new sound and live act, along with a large list of remixes, and their first album will be released some time in the future on Neurobiotic!

In 2011, Joti joined MANDALA Records
based in France with Total Eclipse,
Serge aka The Antidote


Dj Aki SPECIES is in the music waters since junior days. Building his musical style through various music directions- hip-hop, r..n..b, pop, 1995 Aki entered into electronic music by choosing trance as his favourite sound. He started his dj career in 1997 by establishing the Intellect organization and soon he became one of the leading representatives of trance scene in Belgrade. 1998 Aki met Eli and together they founded the project Species. After years of experimenting with different styles of psy-trance, a project aimed to create a distinctive sound of Species. This has resulted in releasing a series of singles for EtnicaNet, MP Records, 3D Vision and one album for EtnicaNet (Groove Do not Come Easy). As a dj and producer Aki has performed around the world: Portugal (Zambujeira Dance Festival), St.Petersburg (Optical Matrix), New York (Alladin Project), Japan (Solstice), XXXPERIENCE (Brasil), Canada (Tech Safari), Croatia (UWOG), Greece, Slovenia, Italy (Psy Carneval),Boom Festival, Chile etc. He has collaborated with a range of artists including Dino Psaras, Tim Schuldt, Dj Feio, Pion, Leon – Extender, atc. As a a product of hard and continuous work of artists in the music production and dj-ing area in 2005 he formed Ultra Groove Records, and relesed V.A. compilations such as Electric Juice, Nucleus, Bad Company, Techno Kid EP and SPECIES 2nd album – Complexity Moving To Simplicity, Avant-Garde, Poison EP. Experimenting with electronic sound, bringing new elements and new sounds in his quite mystic music, he will never stop to innovate and shake the trance scene in Belgrade and around the globe by burning fire on the dancefloor.


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