Tronic Lab – Season V Opening 02.08.2019. Drugstore

Tronic Lab – Season V Opening 02.08.2019. Drugstore
Bulevar despota Stefana 115, Belgrade, Serbia
Progeny of the dark, wake up from your cozy slumber – the Tronic Lab is resurrecting from it’s dark-sided ashes dripping in opulence and might!

Tronic Lab came to be in August 2015. in the format of a party which concept involved experimenting with alternative electronic music and artistic expressions. After almost four years, we are picking up where we left and opening our season IV!

Behind the decks: Sonja Sajzor, Enzzy, Greigus.

Sonja Sajzor – Mistress of all things evil and the dark high priestess of our Lab. Embracing reinvention, this time around, Sonja is preparing house music, dark electronica and remixes of alternative witch pop and witch hip hop. Dark-sided, sensual and smooth, our priestess will seduce you if you allow her to master your ceremony!

Greigus – Belgrade based DJ who might have missed Woodstock, but might have picked upon the effect of Second Acid love revolution, circa 88./89., which left him affected by it’s influence. Acid house, melodic and vibrant techno are the sound you might hear during his DJ sets, very often blended with different elements of low-fi house, industrial synth and electronica.

Tickets: 300 RSD at the door.

Obey to the all-mighty darkness!


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