Arhangel Fest 26-28 / 07/2019 Grocka

Arhangel Fest 26-28 / 07/2019 Grocka
Grocka, Serbia
26.Jul.2019 - 28.Jul.2019
⭐ Arhangel Fest ⭐ 26-28 / 07/2019 ⭐ Grocka, Dunavski Kej ⭐
The third “Arhangel Fest” will be held on 26 and 27 July at the Danube Quay in Grocka. As the festival’s hedlajneri, Riblja Corba and Mortal Kombat Band will be announced, and besides them will be performed by Dirty Inspector Blaz and Kljunovi official, Bend Jorgovani, SEVI, Rainmaker Iron Maiden Tribute, LouD, Disaster, NORTHERN REVIVAL, HCZ (Hard Core Zajecar) and Loup- Garou.
After two extremely successful festivals under the auspices of the Grocka municipality, where some of the biggest bands of this region (Kerber, Rhythm Disorder, SARS, Orthodox Celts and many others) performed, the MK Arhangel Srbija is announcing another big gathering for the end of July in Grocka .
At the Danube Quay in Grocka on July 26, one of the most successful bands on the domestic scene – Mortal Kombat will perform, and next to them will be the Lords, next to the Bulgarian band Sevi, Northern Revival, Disaster and HCZ. On the second day of the festival, on Saturday, July 27, we will listen to the concert of the legendary band Riblja čorba, then Blaze and Kljunov, and will also complement Rainmaker, Loud and Loup Garou.
As in previous years, the oldest moto club in Serbia and the region, beside the musical program, also provided an all-day program that will animate not only the bikers who are directed to Grocka these days on their two-wheelers, but also for those who lead good socializing and fun. “There is also a space for camping, parking and accompanying infrastructure this year, which provides hygiene and absolute security of the event,” MK Arhangel said, adding that this time they expect socializing in a pleasant atmosphere: “Developing connections among like-minded people, motorcycling, music, merged into one, that’s what we always propagate and what we insist on in organizing each of our gatherings. Arhangel fest is not just a moto-set, it’s a festival for all people who love good socializing and spending, for the whole family! ”

“There are many festivals in Serbia, but they do not have that direct touch … to feel that smell of gasoline that, when it burns down … creates chaos … When you add the cult names of your home rock and roll with the most punk metal punk rock band, you get a mix of freedom and passion … an explosion of emotions for remembering … and most importantly: all these festivals were created on the culture we live in. We do not act .. We are .. TI. ”
Be part of the ARHANGEL FEST and come on the 26th and 27th of July at the Danube Quay in Grocka! And this time, the entrance to the festival is FREE!


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