CHANGEOVER FESTIVAL 06 – 08.10.2022 Drugstore

CHANGEOVER FESTIVAL 06 – 08.10.2022 Drugstore
Brace Jerkovica
06.Oct.2022 - 08.Oct.2022
Changeover Belgrade is a new international multi-genre music festival with an educational open talk program aimed to become the new point of conversation between musicians and music industry professionals from all around Europe.
The festival will take place in various places in the center of Belgrade in 8 different venues. Music events, each connected with a general musical idea: whether it’s new experimental artists, electronic or punk will capture the city’s most significant spots.
Changeover’s actual line-up consists of around 35 artists from England to Norway, Eastern Europe and Balkans.
Line-up: Bendik Giske (NO), Opus Kink (UK), Marina Herlop (ES), JOHN (UK), SIKSA (PL), Dollkraut (NL), ŽEN (HR), Soyuz (BY), Otchim (FR), sinks (CZ), ShiShi (LT), Duo Ruut (EE), Yus Yus (RS), SEINE (HR), Pantaloons (SI), Inturist (RU), YÖU (MK), Gnoomes (RU), Mart Avi (EE), STADT (UA), Elizabete Balčus (LV), Etceteral (SI), Svojat (SI), Turbo Trans Turisti (RS), Aviary (HU), Džezbollah (RS), TDK (BG), Testet ölt (RS), The OMY (RU), Nokti (HR), Anton Ripatti & Babakaband (RU), Sonic Death (RU).
More artists and educational program details coming soon.
Full Pass, Delegate Pass and daily tickets available by Get Tickets button in the event or by the links below: (TicketsCloud) (Resident Advisor)
The event is organised by Connected Agency.


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