Cinema Under the Stars: Papers in the Wind 25.08.2019. Kc Grad

Cinema Under the Stars: Papers in the Wind 25.08.2019. Kc Grad
Braće Krsmanović 4, Belgrade, Serbia
** Wind papers **
When El Mono dies, three of his friends face the loss but also the desire to secure his daughter’s future. For Fernand, Mauritius and El Russ, the challenge will not be easy. They want to recover the big but missed investment that El Mono made when it bought a promising young footballer.
Screening in Spanish, with translation into Serbian.
Admission is free. Due to the limited capacity of the GRAD Cultural Center garden, please come to the screening a little earlier so we can all get comfortable and start the movie on time.

** Cinema under the stars **
Another summer movie gathering, organized by the Cervantes Institute and the GRAD Cultural Center, this August brings to Belgrade audiences interesting works from Spain, Colombia and Argentina.
The cycle will open the movie “Mary (and everyone else)”, which will be screened on Sunday, August 4th. This realization follows the protagonist Mary, who takes care of her father and family after her mother’s death. Still, her life begins to change unexpectedly when she learns that her father plans to marry her nurse.
The film story “On the Exchange”, which will be shown on August 11, will captivate the audience with the life of a student, Julia, who changes her native Barcelona to a completely different Berlin one semester. Although life on the exchange is far from what she expected, Julia is slowly falling in love with the German capital and the new environment, which makes her return to Barcelona increasingly difficult.

“Cinema Under the Stars” will continue on August 18 with a screening of Colombia’s “Mom”, when viewers will be greeted on the big screen by Victoria, an independent and withdrawn person who apparently enjoys her solitude. That peace will upset her daughter’s arrival. Although they have not been talking for some time, she begs Victoria to take care of her seven-year-old granddaughter Nicole, who, little by little, with her immediacy and energy, wins her grandmother’s love.
For the end of this companionage, the Argentinean warm comedy “Papers in the Wind” is set to air on August 25. In this realization, after the death of a close friend, the three main characters face both the loss and the desire to secure the future of their deceased friend’s daughter. For Fernand, Mauritius and El Russ, the task will not be easy – they want to recover the big but missed investment that their friend realized when he bought a promising young footballer.
All film screenings at the GRAD Cultural Center begin at 9pm. Movies are shown with a translation into Serbian, and entry is free.


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