Delicate Monday: Cultural Center Lab 20.05.2019. Kc grad

Delicate Monday: Cultural Center Lab 20.05.2019. Kc grad
Braće Krsmanović 4, Belgrade, Serbia
For the second time, the team arrives from the culture laboratory from the north, this time in the spring edition, where the audience will surprise with various Vojvodina culinary experiments, accompanied by good music. In February, Mihajlo Herakovic and Vladimir Nesic prepared a soup with 4 kinds of mushrooms, a kettle, a home-made nasal potato and an apple cranberry, and this time they are even more ready to open up new dimensions of taste senses.
In the villa which was built in 1934 after the renovation in 2017, the Cultural Center Lab starts its work. Dynamic space on three floors today serves as a cinema, gallery, concert hall, residence, work space or a simple place where you can enjoy coffee or some kraft beer. KC Lab from Novi Sad is an independent cultural space, with the most numerous users being artists, musicians and actors. In all 720 square meters, as many houses as they own, a lot of different exhibition programs are organized, performances, concerts, DJ performances, stands and debates, projections, workshops and other activities are held. Events that can be organized can accommodate just over 200 visitors, plus complete audiovisual and technical equipment. There are also piano, electric piano, bassoon, violin and guitar for performing various concerts. In addition to the enclosed rooms, KC Lab also has a summer open-air stage that goes directly to one of the larger Novi Sad parks. Its founders are also artists, whose goal is to create better conditions for the development of innovative and independent art projects, with a greater impact on the life of the whole community. They are assisted by very good associates and engaging audiences. In KC Lab, more than 600 different events have been held in just over a year, and the Center visits between 700 and 1000 people a week.
Price list: 200 rsd


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