Delicatessen Monday: Reconstruction Festival 08/26/2019KC City

Delicatessen Monday: Reconstruction Festival 08/26/2019KC City
Braće Krsmanović 4
Food preparation has a therapeutic effect, and organizing the festival is stressful. So, help the team that organizes the Reconstruction Festival 2019 II Come on out! to relax by cooking for you.
We all love pasta. And we are preparing two imaginative, unconventional real art pasta for you. One gentle, gentle, yet striking, colored with fruit and another distinctive, spicy, character. Food is love, art is on the street, and we are in KC Grad on August 26th from 7pm.

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Reconstruction Festival 2019 II Come on out! is being held this year for the second time in public spaces on Dorcol – on the streets and in Pancic Park, as well as in the courtyard of the Primary School “King Peter the First” and UK “Stari grad” from September 6-8 under the slogan calling for joint action – ” Let’s go out! ”
After last year’s edition of the festival in the exciting building of the former “Beobanka”, we go out into public spaces with the idea of introducing art into everyday life through: murals and other art interventions, installations in the space, street photography exhibitions, art works for “foster care”, stands, artistic market, workshops, music program as well as street games from childhood.
The festival will open on September 6 at 7 pm in the UK “Old Town” with an event to mark the anniversary – 20 years since the first graffiti jam in Belgrade, held at the “King Peter the First” Primary School. An exhibition of documentary photographs and objects will be presented, and some of the actors in the aforementioned collective drawing will participate in the panel “Art is Still on the Street – 20 Years Later”. To commemorate this anniversary, a collective painting under the distinctive label “United Colors of Belgrade” will take place in the courtyard of the King Peter the First Elementary School, and will feature 15 authors / art collectives active in the Serbian and international street art scene, who will perform their works of art on almost 45 meters long.
Cartoons: PIROS (Serbia), AKIRA (Serbia), WEEDZOR (Serbia), MOSK (Croatia), XYMO-RULE (Serbia), RAGE (Serbia), STAR (Serbia), SENSI (Serbia), JAPON (Spain), SKIRL (Austria), DAS DROGEN (Serbia), NIKOLA MIHAJLOVIC (Serbia) and winners of the Young Artist Contest.
The facades on Dorcol, selected in cooperation with the residents of the Old Town, will be painted by local, regional and foreign artists: Julieta XLF (Spain), Sebas Velasco (Spain), Wuper (Serbia), Studio “Kriška” (Serbia), Tiffany Ruby (Croatia), Nikola Radojicic – The Burazeri Brothers I SUB ZERO (Serbia), SUPER TIMOR (Serbia). Pancevo Park will house street photography exhibitions, sticker, exhibit “Udomi art”, space installations, market, music program, and visitors / broadcasters will also be able to watch live drawing. More information about the program:


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