[:en]A-Mush Panayota Zinx Live 16.12.2017. IMAGO CUK

[:en]A-Mush Panayota Zinx Live 16.12.2017. IMAGO CUK
Dečanska 14, Beograd

✩ Psychedelic Trance Serbia ॐ sa ponosom predstavlja ✩
✩ A-Mush (3D Vision Records) ✩ First time in Belgrade ! ✩
✩ Panayota (Bounce Recordings) ✩ First time in Belgrade ! ✩
✩ Zinx (Global Army Music) ✩ First time in Belgrade ! ✩
✩ 16 Decembar – IMAGO CUK – Centar Urbane Kulture

✧ Dj Support ✧
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☼ Decoration by Side effects

✤ Nagradna Igra
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Zinx – João Varela started production in 2003, but it was in 2007 that things started to get more serious. At the time, he worked with his brother Daniel Varela (Ignition).

Later in 2010, João decides to create his solo project, Zinx, and since that year things have not stopped growing and to this day he has released 10 Ep’s and countless songs in compilations.
Zinx is one of the strongest names in the trance scene in Portugal and this is reflected in the strong agenda that has during the year, touching in great part of the most important celebrations of the country.

On stage, he always gives his maximum and always marks his performances by the strong presence infecting all his listeners.

A-Mush – is the project of João Fonte ( Joka ), A portuguese PsyTrance project that started in 2005. Over the years Joka has been developing his music and performances getting to the level of the best producers in Portugal. A-Mush first release was in 2008 (Behind the Dark) at Lad Records since then he has had the opportunity to release tracks in several labels and he is also a part of the prestigious 3D Vision from France. Joka has performed in several events in Portugal (Freedom Festival 2011, Psybertech 2008, Luminopolis, KIN 2012 and Some promoters LIke Crystal Matrix, Psyart and Samaveda. In the international scene Joka has performed in countries like Spain, Mexico, England, Germany and Cape town, South Africa!! Much is expected from this Portuguese project and an EP is in the works already. Joka is currently working with Smashed, z3ro, Sinful Reactions, Khopat, …And some work already released in labels from many parts of the world such as Ultravision Rec. MMD Rec. Dropland Rec. Terror Lab industries Rec. Timecode Rec. Replicant Rec..3D Vision Rec.

Panayota – In 2000 panayota started to play as a dj In small parties and nature parties all over Israel In the start of his way panayota style was very influenced by full on & melody sound’s.
In time panayota music include also psy trance,south Africa style, high tech psychedelic .
in 2007 Panayota gain his reputation by creating a magical environment Combined with kick ass psychedelic trance sound’s and earthquake vibes and started touring around the world.
In may 2010 panayota released his first album: “The Trouble Maker” for Metatrone Production, from israel and made over a dozen international releases Ep‫’‬s work with labels around the world…
Since then panayota is booked to play in some of the biggest party’s and festivals And working with some of the important production in Israel and around the world.
Panayota is also working these days to create a new kind of sound in the trance industry…
Panayota also working on a new PSY project “Chimera” With Adir Anxiety, Together they create music and combine several different styles Dark pay, very special !
Panayota finished working on a new EP with dark nebula and new album Panayota – ButterFly Effect… and many more releases tracks on 2014 !!
Since the beginning of 2014 Panayota working and create new sound‫’‬s that Unique only to him Panayota Style


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