[:en]Buffer 19.01.2018. Bitef teatar

[:en]Buffer 19.01.2018. Bitef teatar
Mire Trailović, Beograd

Dance-Tech Performance

Concept: Extraordinary Bob
Participate: Players of the Bitef dens company: Tamara Pjević, Branko Mitrović, Ana Gliksman and Nikola Živković
Narrator: Johnny Rackovic
Original music: Petar Mirković and Strahinja Beganović

Tickets are free, but it is necessary to be taken to the cash desk, starting at 18.00, on the day of performance.

We emphasize that you need to take your ticket at the time because the number of places is limited.

Good luck!

Working hours of the BITEF Theater Café: from 18.00 to 20.00 (days when plays are played)
Reservations by telephone: +381 69 899 24 00 (10 am to 2 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm)

BUFFER is the dance-tech performance of the Extraordinary Bob in which choreography of light, electronic music and video projections create the ambience for four dancers who animate the light through patrons that are generated and degenerate into fusion, or confusion of simulation of virtual space, in the paraphrase where there is no clear boundary between real and meditated.

The metatarsal of this performance is the acceleration of time conditioned by the technological singularity in which real time, slow motion, déjà vu, flash back, flash forward, synchrony, anachronism and acronymic times are met.

BUFFER arises at the moment of the current debate on whether we are living in a simulation, or whether we have come from a society of spectacles already to the debut company?

Performance BUFFER is performed at Bitef Theater with dancers of the Bitef dens company. Presented by Tamara Pjević, Branko Mitrović, Ana Gliksman and Nikola Živković.

Narator is Johnny Rackovic, and original music is signed by Belgrade producers Petar Mirković and Strahinja Beganović.


EXTREMELY BOB is a rewarded media artist that combines generic video, electronic music, light effects, and interactive technology in its performance. As one of the representatives of authentic Belgrade chic-dresses, he has performed in Mexico City, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, London, across Europe and the region.

PETAR MIRKOVIĆ is a sound designer and musician from Belgrade. Under his pseudonym A // O he presented his own works in the context of dance music at numerous festivals and conferences in the region. The music produced is part of the field of contemporary experimental, ambient and club electronic music.

STRAHINJA BEGANOVIĆ is a Belgrade musician and producer of electronic music. He is real and performs HETEM’s music. He has participated as a composer and music associate in audio-visual installations, dance performances and video mapping.
They work together as creators of applied music, and in cooperation with artists, they carry out multidisciplinary projects.

The project was supported by Serbian Film Center, Fair – Art & Music Festival and Drugstore Belgrade

Trejler: https://www.facebook.com/bitef.teatar/videos/1850117538374544/
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