[:en]Bura 18.01.2018. Art Academy

[:en]Bura 18.01.2018. Art Academy
Đure Jakšića 7, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

William Shakespeare “B U R A”

On a desert island, a dump like a tormented imagination, the long-exiled Milanese duke, creator and wizard Prospero, is counting on his pursuers who bring the big bora to this incomprehensible place. There are unexpected encounters, strange beings, a struggle for power over the island and over the kingdoms in Italy, a great plan that Prospero prepares for everything and the unusual disintegration of that plan.
Is there a stronger driver than the desire for power? Is it better to be an exile or a persecutor? What’s the point of revenge? In meeting cosmic or personal justice? When does life become like a dream? Can the borders between dreams be erased? Is cowardly running away from reality in the image? Is there a return?

They play: Dimitrije Arandjelovic, Katarina Bradonjic, Peđa Marjanovic, Mia Simonovic, Nikola Zivanovic, Vukasin Randjelovic, Dusan Vukasinovic, Stefan Beronja, Milos Lazic, Ana Rudakijevic, Mina Pavlica, Ema Muratovic, Ana Keserovic, Julija Petkovic, Nadezda Jakovljevic.

Director: Boris Isaković

Light design: Branislav Milinković
Sound design: Vladimir Rasković
Costume: Senka Ranosavljevic
Scenography: a performance team

Book tickets at teatarpromena@gmail.com

The price of the ticket is 200 dinars.

See you in Change!
Đure Jakšića 7


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