[:en]Day of the Earth 22.04.2018. St. Sava Park

[:en]Day of the Earth 22.04.2018. St. Sava Park
Park Svetog Save, Niš

22.4. is a day that will be marked around the world with various manifestations in order to draw attention to the importance of nature conservation and the prevention of negative consequences for the environment.

We decided to beautify this beautiful afternoon for adults and children and to take you along with horses in the Park of St. Sava from 11:00 – 18:00

Within this campaign will be the promotion of the album for the pictures “Animal Friendship Mission” conducted by Polydor, Panini and Orca so that all the youngsters expect surprise rewards! If you have duplicate thumbnails, come to exchange thumbnails!

The action will be charity, so that all collected income from this action is going to build a storage area for manure in ZOO Kutku for which we need 53,000.00 dinars
If you are unable to visit us at the donation action, you can pay to the account of the ZOO Planet Association: 105-22423-78 or via PayPal: zooplanet.nis@gmail.com for payment purposes: assistance for the construction of manure

See you!


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