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The Foundation “Novi Sad 2021” announced that in Novi Sad, in addition to the New Year’s Eve December 31st, it will be organized on January 13th and the celebration of 7526th year, and the celebration will take place indoors throughout the city.

The New Year’s New Year Foundation, which normally participates in the preparation of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture in 2021, announced it as the future concept of “opening and closing of the year in which Novi Sad will take the title”.

“Presented through the difference between two calculations of time, as well as two calendars, Gregorian and Julian, so the two programming concepts of the New Year’s dawn will be different,” they said from the Foundation.

On January 13, at more than 21 locations in Novi Sad, performers of various genres will perform in completely unexpected places, including cultural, administrative, business and educational buildings, as well as catering facilities

Laibach, Trkulja, Kaliopi, Dedic, Predin …
In the small hall of the Serbian National Theater will be Slobodan Trkulja and Imar band from Scotland, in the big hall of SNP band Laibach, and in the theater hall of NIS there will be evening music of Divna Ljubojević.

The regional pop star Kaliopi will perform at the Youth Theater, while jazz artists Matija Dedić and Zoran Predin will perform at the Novi Sad Synagogue.

In the City Hall, the Children’s Philharmonic will perform, in Eggheg will be an opera for the children of Visoko C Association, the tamburitza compositions from Osijek and Novi Sad led by Dusan Svilar in Studio M, Ludifika Kabare in the Western Hall of SPENS,

Various cultural and artistic associations from Zone 021 will perform in the hall of the Railway Station.

It is also announced that on January 13th, the “Youth Creative Polis”, and the current Chinese Quarter, will present programs at four locations for fans of techno sound and rap music, with Pol Ritch from France as well as DJs Lag, Klaus and Vladimir Aćić.

As stated at the press conference, it is only part of the program that visitors in Novi Sad will have the opportunity to see at “Doček 7526. godine”.

Director of the Foundation “Novi Sad 2021” Nemanja Milenkovic said that Novi Sad will no longer be known for multiculturalism, but will “begin to live interculturalism”.

“We will begin the merger of the New Year, in order for that period of the year to be a bridge and again a new reminder of the most important European values ​​that can and should be shared in our identity in Novi Sad,” said Milenkovic.

Why 7526?
Some of the mostly nationalist media outlets, had previously stated that the year was “7526.”, actually calculating the time by the “Byzantine calendar” or “the old Serbian calendar”.

The calendar, which counts 7526, reportedly records the time since Noah’s flood, which, according to the allegations, is; the media reportedly happened about 8,000 years ago, and they claim that “the existence of this calendar did not fit the ideological creators of history because it does not fit into the accepted theories about the emergence of Serbs.”

According to these theories, the year in the “Serbian calendar” is divided into summer and winter. The summer begins on May 6 and winter on November 8, which – again allegedly – coincides with the solar calendar, that is, electromagnetic changes of the Sun.


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