[:en]Djura & Sailors LIVE 24.12.2017. Gastro Bar 20/44

[:en]Djura & Sailors LIVE 24.12.2017. Gastro Bar 20/44
Skadarska 40b, Beograd

Djura & Sailors LIVE 24.12. Gastro Bar 20/44 , Friday u 08 pm

The band “Djura and Sailors” has been on the music scene for a long time. Worldwide is the expansion of “World Music” Latin sound, as well as the joyful Mediterranean songs. “Djura and sailors” have been dealing with such sound for more than twenty years. In addition to this, the urban Belgrade poetry of Vladimir Djurić Đura or Djure Mornar also fits perfectly.
In the 1980s, Djura Mornar was the frontman of the band “Heroes”, which was popular throughout Yugoslavia. The band was formed in 1984 as a theater project by Vladimir Đurić Đura who brought together colleagues of musicians and actors in the first stage, and the first hit “Night of Haramo” was at the top of all demo charts in 1985. The first single, “Macho Tip”, was released as a video in 1986, followed by the single “Bilder” in 1987 (PGP). A year later, the band is joined by director Milutin Petrovic and recorded the single “Kiza Rock” (PGP).

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