[:en]Exposed – Dj Shustera 21.11.2017.2017. Papalada at Gotik

[:en]Exposed – Dj Shustera 21.11.2017.2017. Papalada at Gotik
Karadjordjeva 2-4, Beograd

Music / Dj Shuster
Sales Exhibit at Papalada at Gotik:

Tamara Miladinovic
Etera Jewelry is a brand born of the desire to awaken – a desire for life in harmony with the great truth – we are the creators of our destiny. It is here to remind us of our relationship with ourselves, the craving of our heart. It is expressed through handmade jewelry made of natural elements – feathers and crystals. It is devoted to all the goddesses of the modern age.

Quetzalcoatl Wear
Quetzalcoatl Wear is a brand of unique and exclusive leather ethnic tribal clothing and accessories.
All our creations are 100% natural and organic handmade pieces made with love, governed by cosmic energy and inspiration. Most of the leather used is vegetable dyed leather and all our creations are hand stitched with high quality waxed threads.
Inspiration for our label came from native, tribal and ethnic fashion as well as Hippie & Bohemian lifestyle.

Jane Doe
Jane Doe is a concept store where you can find unique vintage pieces as well as works by young designers from Serbia and the region. Jane Doe also has her collection of jewelry and wardrobe. Vintage and Design Designs are on Dorcol – Captain Misina 17.
On this occasion, we come out of our collection of jewelry, made from found material from nature (stone, shells, wood ..) in combination with segments of old recycled jewelry. Jane Doe jewelery slogan: “Made by nature assambled by Jane Doe”. Anagrams of photographs, small formats, selection of works from several projects. Author: Bojana Bo
Website: janedoeshop.net
Facebook: JaneDoe-DESIGN STORE and JaneDoe VintageShop and Jane Doe Jewelry & Clothes
Instagram: @janedoeshop

Wolf & Chain
Wolf & Chain is a handmade jewelry maker in Belgrade since 2015. These are unique bracelets and necklaces designed and made of leather, metal, wood and other natural materials. In the Wolf & Chain jewelery design you can see the influence of African tribal wear, minimalism, “boho” style. Currently our products can be bought at the Portofino Gallery 1989 and at the Jane Doe Shop.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/28wolfandchain
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wolf_and_chain


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