[:en]Family weekend 09 – 10.12.2017. Vilin Grad

[:en]Family weekend  09 – 10.12.2017. Vilin Grad
Obrenovićeva 19, Niš
09.Dec.2017 - 10.Dec.2017

The family weekend will be held on December 9 and 10, from 10 am to 4 pm, at the Vilin Grad cinema. On the repertoire are new family movies: Meda Pedington 2, Santa Claus and Company and Hidden Kingdom: A Holiday with Olaf, as well as Wow Wow Star and Monsters from my family.

The film “Santa Claus and Company” brings us a magical New Year’s story. The new year is just not there, and in the North Pole the epidemic of the flu has dominated. Santa Claus is a big problem, because all 92,000 elves have got a dangerous leech, which has been pinned to bed. Who will now help him to make children’s toys around the world? Good that there is no dilemma, you must go to Earth in search of vitamin, which will help his fellows to heal, in order to save the spirit of Christmas and New Year. The repertoire of the cinema is a synchronized and subtitled version of this performance.

Now that Bearington Padington has happily settled in the Brown family, as an equal member of the community, he spreads joy and love wherever he comes. In search of a perfect birthday gift for the 100th birthday of her beloved aunt Lusi, Padington is on a perfect book in the antique shop, but she will have to do a number of jobs in order to be able to buy. However, when he finds the book stolen, Padington and Brauns will have to go in search of a thief. Meda Pedington 2 is synchronized to Serbian!

Thanks to magic from the Disney Studio, before the holidays we arrive, we will return to Arendel in a new animated 21-minute adventure “The Frozen Kingdom – A Holiday with Olaf”. In addition to four completely new and original songs, Oscar will also feature an award-winning animated film “The Frozen Kingdom” from 2013. In a new adventure, Olaf unites with Sven in a happy mission. The two of them will bridle the kingdom along and beyond in order to find the most beautiful festive custom and save the first Christmas for their friends. But, it turns out that customs are very personal and that what is kept by one family, for another strange. That’s why Olaf will grab all he can to make his friends happy. In the synchronization of this new wonderful adventure, famous actors were: Stefan Bundalo, Jelena Gavrilović, Andrijana Oliverić, Ivan Bosiljčić, Marko Gvero, while the tracks were performed by: Aleksandar Sedlar, Lejla Hot, Jelena Gavrilović and Ivan Bosiljčić.

Males who have a Family Card, along with the purchased ticket, will receive a Little Politikin Entertainer and popcorn as gifts, and their parents / companions pay the children’s ticket price.

All those who do not have a Family card can be downloaded at the box office of the Vilin City cinema. This card is completely free, and membership does not entail any obligations.

The family card is intended for children up to 13 years old, who, with this card, will receive special discounts when purchasing a movie card, and with every visit to the cinema, the popcorn will receive popcorn. The parent / companion also receives discounts when purchasing a ticket for all children’s films. Discount for parent / escort is also valid every working day until 5 pm, as well as for Family Weekend, which is held every first weekend of the month.

Repertoire, trailers and movie dates can be viewed on the Vilin City Cinema website, where you can also book tickets


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