[:en]Jojo Mayer / NERVE 25.04.2018. Dom omladine

[:en]Jojo Mayer / NERVE 25.04.2018. Dom omladine
Makedonska 22, Beograd


Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 21.00h
Dom omladine Beograda, američka sala

Ticket sales: http://bit.ly/2oGS9KY and http://bit.ly/2oIxEgP

“Man is not a machine and is not created to play as a machine, but we have something that can make us better than machines, and I get more and more interested in the creative difference between the 1 and 0 binary systems, that’s what I want to explore. It’s not tangible, but people feel. ”
– Jojo Mayer

After last June’s enthusiasm for the audience at the Terminal Music & Arts Festival, Jojo Mayer / NERVE will perform in Belgrade for the first time! As part of the promotion of this year’s edition of the festival, the Terminal Music & Arts Festival and the Youth Center of Belgrade have the pleasure of presenting Jojo Mayer / NERVE to the Belgrade audience – one of the most innovative drummers of today, with their live band, will be given a timeless music experience to Belgrade.

NERVE is a live band from New York, founded in 1997, which skillfully escapes genres – although they describe their music as a mixture of old school, jungle, dubstep and glitch beat, but also minimal and tech house, all these words are not enough to describe the complexity of their musical expression. By balancing skill between technical perfection and spontaneity, Jojo Mayer / NERVE, through their performances based on improvisation, create music of unique form and dynamics.

Apart from Joya Mayer on drums, NERVE make John Davis on bass guitar, Jacob Bergson on keyboards, while for sound and audio effects Aaron Nevezie is in charge. In addition to the long-standing collaboration with Rola Mosimann, Jason Lindner and Takuya Nakamura, there are also Bugge Wesseltoft, DJ Shadow, Shawn Pelton, Tim Lefebvre, Karsh Kale, MC Malik Work, Salt on the list of artists with whom NERVE collaborated. Cathedral, Vernon Reid, Moshen Namjoo, and many others.

Where can I buy tickets?
Jojo Mayer / NERVE concert tickets can be purchased at all Gigstix and Eventim outlets.

Hurry, the first 100 tickets are sold at a promotional price of 1,300 RSD!
The regular ticket price is RSD 1,600 and is valid until April 8, after which tickets will cost RSD 1,800.

The beginning of the concert is scheduled for 21:00, in the Hall of the American House of Youth of Belgrade.
open door: 19.30h



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