[:en]Kaliopi Unplugged 25.11.2017. Kolarac

[:en]Kaliopi Unplugged 25.11.2017. Kolarac
Studentski trg 5, Beograd

KALIOPI – UNPLUGGED concert 25.11. Kolarac

On 25th of November, Kaliopi will host a concert in Kolarac. The Belgrade audience will for the first time hear its biggest hits in the acoustic version. This will surely be exclusive to her fans, as well as all the good sounders. That is exactly why Kolarac was chosen as a concert hall as it is ideal for this kind of concert. Kaliopi always knew he was surprised, so that this concert would be a special musical venue.

“Belgrade has always been a special place for everything that music and life mean to me. I can not wait 25 November because I’m preparing one of the biggest treats for the Belgrade audience, an unplugged concert, so I wanted to share it with them in Kolarac. November, and so my “Love Box” will be full of heat and strength in the songs that lead me from town to city … Beograde, wait for me! “exclaimed Kaliopi.

Come enjoy and hear the hits Born, Black and White, Love Box, Gum, Mrvica and others in the new dress.

Tickets are on sale at the Eventima system: https://goo.gl/RrBxar
as well as on the cashier Kolarca.


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