[:en]Ladies choose 16.12.2017. Mikser

[:en]Ladies choose 16.12.2017. Mikser
Kolodvorska 12, Sarajevo
Bosna i HercegovinaSarajevo

Altteatar is an organization that over the past ten years has been an intersection for over 100 artists, who through their various projects have realized their ideas. 15 premiers were made, close to 1,000 reprise, and our performances were looked at by 100,000 people of all ages and ages, by country and region and the world.

Pressing with a sluggish, and therefore unspoiled, five young men, trying to find their existential problems as strippers in a nightclub. Following the characters from the idea of ​​striptease until its final realization, the show leads us through exciting scenes where the choreographic sequences abound, a large number of deceived expectations, and finally a very exciting atmosphere that keeps us tense to the very end. The play with sophisticated humor treats the theme of youth unemployment and the existential issues of a contemporary man, enabling many to recognize themselves as mirrors as people without life energy who live without hope, sense, enthusiasm, but also encouraging them to move more energetically into changes.

In the project “Explore”, ALTTEATAR with partners “Through the window Factory” from Belgrade and Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo will create two theatrical performances through which we want to highlight the existence of an individual’s choice in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the entire region. We will ask the question: is the solution to the problem go somewhere else, what needs to be done in dealing with reality and taking responsibility for your life. What is really important to us? And can we really have this?
The problem of accepting the crisis, personal and social defeat, is an important topic common to people in our region and throughout the region, which especially bothers young people who have no memory of a better past. They grew up in an environment that survived great disappointments, a change in the way of life and systematic values.

Actors for the play “Ladies Choosing” performed by the Association of Dramatic Artists ALTTEATAR:
Directed by: Admir Glamocak
Assistant Director: Amra Mehic
Costumes and scenes: Lejla Hodžić
Producer: Slaven Vidak
Graphic design: Naida Begović
They play: Enes Salković, Adnan Goro, Amila Terzimehić / Nancy Abdel Sakhi, Emir Fejzić, Sanjin Arnautović / Mirza Dervišić, Davor Sabo, Damir Kustura
Tone and light: Irhad Hodzic and Rusmir Efendic
Wardrobe: Nevzeta Musabegović
PR Manager: Peter-Josip Bevanda

Authors: Anthony McCarten & Stephen Sinclair
Original name: Ladies Night
Translation: Vedrana Seksan
TICKETS: 10KM And you can buy them in Mixer rooms or at
kupikartu. https://www.kupikartu.ba/
See you!!


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