[:en]Last action to repair the floor 03 – 04.02.2018.Magacin

[:en]Last action to repair the floor 03 – 04.02.2018.Magacin
Kraljevića Marka 4-8, Beograd
03.Feb.2018 - 04.Feb.2018

🎉 Welcome to, hopefully the last, action to repair the floor in the dance hall 🎉

Kolektiv Magacina has the honor to invite the audience on the weekend with Mimart, Karkatag, Hleb Theater, Cirkusfer, Stanica and Belgrade Raw

During the 3rd and 4th of February in the Magacin in Kraljevića Marka you will be able to look at several programs, but also to testify that the floor in the dance hall is really finished 🔨

☀️ February 3rd ☀️
Mimart the young

The performance “Review” aims to reflect on all our choices, decisions, memories, as well as our entire life through text, poetry, movement and music.

Performers: Kristina Sarić, Rade Obradović, Teodora Sarić
Scenography: Kristina Sarić
Scene Movement: Rade Obradovic
Texts and poetry: Rade Obradovic, Kristina Saric, Teodora Saric
Concept: Teodora Saric, Rade Obradovic, Kristina Saric

right now

Nektan art

Performance and Concept – Marija Stefanovic and Marco Nektan
Choreography – Marco Nektan

Nektan art is a theater of movements with a strong influence of art performance, Butoh and Ritual. The Fracture Performance raises the issue of individual and social responsibility, but it also examines morality in relation to the deeply honed state of consciousness of one individual. How much society creates pressure on the individual, and what are the real needs? Is life a gift or an imposed state?

☀️ February 4 ☀️
Circusfera + Bread Theater + Olivera Milojević

The team from regular air training and one Vojko Juggler published the war of a force of gravity that keeps us bound and bound.
All the profits of this battle are invested in the reconstruction of the first undamaged floor in Serbia, Europe and the world.


The idea of ​​joint training and combining twerk and folklore elements, making choreographies and domination of dance floaters on home and gastronomic terrains is in the beginning of May 2017. A group of six permanent members gathered around it soon, but the trainings are visited by a much wider circle of twerk friends of intent. Our most valuable instructors are the stars of the online twerk tutorial Keaira Lashae and Nicole Steen, although we follow the hiphop and dancehall tutorial scene, turbo folk ansamble, traditional African dances and your mainstream music production.
She has made her first choreography of the group with the support of Ana Dubljević on “Karera” by Dare Bubamara.
So far Jaguze has had 2 public appearances. The first within the Novo Doba festival in Kvaka 22 and others in the crowdfunding campaign of the Kondenz festival in the club Friday.

+ Steel profiles
Karkatag collective

+ sales exhibition of works

🔥 Physical experience of satisfaction
Choreographer Marko Milić exhibits visual works from the performance The Physical Experience of Satisfaction, which was premiered on December 27 in the Ostavina Gallery.
🔥Nomad Dance Advocates 🔥
Station Service for Contemporary Dance is exhibiting graphics by Katarina Popović, created within the 10th Kondenz Festival, advocacy events for better working conditions in contemporary dance.
🔥Belgrade Raw🔥
Photographic collective Belgrade Raw donated photos that you can buy during February 4th

Thank you: Aleksandar Denic, Ana Dubljevic and Nikolic Budanovic, as well as Milena Janosevic for all suggestions and various solutions.

I’ll see you in Magacin ⚡️


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