[:en]OUR DAYS 03.12.2017. Firchie Think Tank Studia

[:en]OUR DAYS 03.12.2017. Firchie Think Tank Studia
Bulevar Despota Stefana 5, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

After a long pause for the joy of everyone on the scene of Firchie Think Tank Studia on December 20 at 20h, Rale Milenkovic returns with the cult monodrama OUR DAYS.

Through an imaginary journey taken by the lead figure in an effort to return to his homeland after years of exile, he meets with government officials and becomes a participant and the witness breaks down all segments of society. And the most dramatic change is experienced by the main character when he is confronted with a devastating truth in the examination of national myths that reverses the idealized (and mythical) image of the country of his ancestors.

Radoslav Milenkovic plays more than thirty characters in this show.
By combining the bravurous verbal plan and powerful physical expression, supported by the pantomime, genre relying on the diverse means of folk theater, farsi, grotesque, dell’arte and cabaret comedy, a performance that has been enveloped by numerous awards in the past thirty years has been realized, and with its modernity and engaging fully with his contemporaries.

You can purchase tickets at all GIGS TIX system sales points.

Pre-selling: 400 dinars
At the entrance: 500 dinars


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