[:en]Podroom pres Primal Code (Hypnus | Italy) 24.03.2018.Feedback

[:en]Podroom pres Primal Code (Hypnus | Italy) 24.03.2018.Feedback
Balkanska 2a, Niš

Podroom, this time presents first international booking, the part of grandeHypnus Records, Davide and Gabriel from Italy, better known as Primal Code.

Natural soundscapes, hypnotic grooves & nostalgic atmospheres.

Next to them, we bring another interesting live act by Zhe Pechorin from Belgrade.

Resident and one of the founders, Voker, will play warm up set.


Primal Code | extended live/dj set
Zhe Pechorin | live
Voker | dj set

Primal Code

Introspective, nostalgic and hypnotic. These are the adjectives that describe the sounds of the Italian duo Primal Code: they immediately jumped into the scene with slow melodies and sumptuous grooves found in their first album “Eteru”, released by Hypnus Record. Last January they reconfirmed themselves with the second EP “Artemisia”, this time on Konstrukt, which is getting an excellent response.

A personal and musical experience emerges in the songs, creating an atmosphere in which all listeners’ senses are involved and projecting them into a sentimental level. Their music is an expression of a primordial instinct that dwells in all of us.

Zhe Pechorin

Is a project behind Anđelina Mićić, based in Belgrade, Serbia. In her music, she is trying to escape any kind of genre limitations in favor of transmitting her passion in finding the clear emotions, energy, sense and beauty which will make a connection between people in the present moment.
Her carrier started to grow after one of the Live Soundtrack events, organized by Kino Pleme in Belgrade, when she started to receive more requests for performing live. Until this moment (along with her performances at Live Soundtrack events and her live set at the exhibition organized by serbian artist Y/6543) she performed her live sets in the clubs such as Drugstore in Belgrade and Galaksija in Pančevo.
After releasing an EP “Cold Empathy” for the Berlin based label Enslavement we can expect more music to come in 2018 for labels such as Ōtium (France), Systolic (Malta), Holy Geometry (Germany) and more.


Bane Radosavljevic is hosting and performing parties for the last couple of years.His stage name is Voker, and he is a member of small org “Podroom” which has hosted many events,some of them including big Serbian names like Marko Nastic, Dejan Milicevic, Alexandar Ivkovic, Mihajlo and many others. He played a lot of gigs in his hometown, couple of them in nearby Nis, and last year he made debut at Dev9t festival, in Belgrade.Style is based on atmospheric-dub tunes, with hypnotic segments of industrial spectrum.

pre sale, Vintage shop – 300rsd
on the door – 400rsd.

Podroom crew


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