Enter festival 27 – 29.06.2019. Topolini Park

Enter festival 27 – 29.06.2019. Topolini Park
Topčiderska Zvezda, Belgrade, Serbia
27.Jun.2019 - 29.Jun.2019
Let’s introduce you again to the festival! This year, the organizers have made efforts to outperform your expectations and present you with the most current performers of the domestic and foreign scene. In the same ambience of Topčider Park, you will be waiting for three days of unforgettable time. The program starts at 19:30, and will last until late evening hours. As before, the entrance is FREE.

We open the festival on Thursday, June 27, 2019 with pop, dance and electronic music for the widest circle of visitors. We are pleased to introduce you Saru Jo – the first Voice of Serbia star, Angelina – the magic voice that captivates our spaces, Riku – the British teenage star, Alexander Sten – the Romanian pop star who adorns the top MTV charts with his hits many others. Friday, June 28, 2019, the second festival day, is intended for all lovers of rock music. You are expecting popular bands who can boast of hits that are fond of listening on various occasions, SARS and Generation 5. Then, the rhythm is intensified by some harder sounds of the Iskaz group, that the hard rock and heavi metals will arrive with the Mortal Kombat group. During this festival day, there will be a host of less-affirmed bands. On the third day of the festival, Saturday 29 June 2019 is eagerly awaited for all fans of the current hip hop and trep music. Namely, during the third day the audience will receive incredible energy delivered by their favorite performers of young generations: Coby, Vuk Mob, Gazda Paja, Mili, Fox, Surreal, Dansi. The festival space will be located in Topčiderski park, from Topčiderska Street towards Most na Adi. Visitors will be able to enjoy good music, and as each good party asks, there will be several stalls with food and drinks at the festival. For those who want to live in a club way, there is a luxuriously equipped VIP zone. The organizers of the festival took care of the safety and the atmosphere of their visitors, and provided extraordinary bus lines that will transport from the city center and New Belgrade, or from the Sava Center to Topčider and back. We appeal to all visitors of the Enter Festival that the Topčider Park is naturally culturally well under the protection of the state and that accordingly it flows towards the ambience in order to preserve the ecological characteristics of this natural wealth.


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