[:en]The power of love 26.11.2017.

[:en]The power of love 26.11.2017.
Svetogorska 6, Beograd

Peace, love for yourself and others, inner strength – all this gives us an open and well-balanced heart chakra. We have 7 major energy channels in the body, Anahata (heart chakra) is in the middle, between 3 upper and 3 lower chakras. This is because the heart is the center of our being, the bridge between the spiritual and material aspects of our lives. The love we find when we open Anahat gives us a sense of happiness, gratitude and ease, and a successful life is based on these feelings.
The workshop is made up of two parts. The first part is a lecture, in which you will learn about the aspects of the heart chakra, how a closed or too open chakra influences our everyday life and how to solve such types of problems. In the second part, we will work on energy exercises to open and balance Anahata, which are light, pleasant and do not require any pre-treatment of yoga.
Once the peace and joy of a balanced heart chakra is felt, one becomes aware of the importance of having a clean and free heart.
Step into the new closeness with yourself at the workshop Power of Love.

Lecturer: Jovana Damjanović, astrologer, astrotherapeutist, energy astrology consultant
Applications and any additional information in the inbox or on the phone 064/1574452
Number of places limited.
Price 1000 rsd


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