Evening of Argentine Music 12.07.2019. Vila Jelena

Evening of Argentine Music 12.07.2019. Vila Jelena
Generala Šturma 1a, Belgrade, Serbia
The “Meet the Music” project has arrived in Belgrade, and the first concert in the series devoted to the Tango music evening is scheduled for 12.07.2019. starting at 20:00 at Villa Jelena. For the sake of great interest, secure your place in time!
The night in which Belgrade will feel the magic of Buenos Aires with the maestro Dusan Sekulic and the fantastic interpretation of the work of the famous Argentinian composers Astor Piazzola and Carlos Gardel on the accordion. Also, the present will be able to hear certain combinations of tango rhythms with electronic music. Different tango epochs will be presented with unique interpretations as well as a symbolic tango dance, which is indispensable for this special genre.
Traveling through the 18th century and the culture of Argentina, Villa Jelena enriches with a special selection of wine as well as a special creation of a menu in the sleek ambience of the capital of tango music, which will surely be remembered by the Belgrade audience for a long time.
With the “Meet the Music” project, virtuoso opens the door to the audience for an extraordinary musical journey through a variety of musical genres of cultural music (Tango, Jazz, Classic, Electro, Spanish, Russian, French, Folk, Movie, World Music Hits), leaving no knowledge, by which it will educate its audience in education and bring it closer to a different experience of quality music.
With easy steps we will return to the roots of the most important musical creations, learn and inspire together, and awaken love for the quality of music through the sources of its creation.
Travel with us!
The entrance fee of 2200 din includes: Musical and stage performance Gastronomic specialties of Argentinian cuisine
All information on the number: 062636112 Nikola Živanović


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