Exhibition: What you didn t know existed. Endangered Food 11 – 10/25/2019. Belgrade Market

Exhibition: What you didn t know existed. Endangered Food 11 – 10/25/2019. Belgrade Market
Žorža Klemansoa 19, Belgrade, Serbia
11.Oct.2019 - 25.Oct.2019
Exhibition “What you didn’t know existed. Endangered Foods from around the World ”will open on October 11th at 7pm in Belgrade at the Belgrade Market area and will be open until October 25th.
The exhibition aims to emphasize the importance of gastronomic heritage and diversity and to draw attention to the risk of the disappearance of individual plant and animal species as constituent segments of the diet. Each visitor will be able to print specially created recipes based on some of the ingredients written in the Ark of Taste Library.
The exhibition, which arrives in Belgrade after a visit to Stockholm at the Spritmuseum, is part of the Food is Culture / F.UTURE project, funded by the Creative Europe Program, the Italian CRC di Cuneo Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. The exhibition, which will be hosted across Europe this year and next, is an art installation focusing on the experience of food through hands-on experience and direct contact with exhibited objects, stories to help learn about producers’ experiences as well as the opportunity to learn about products written in the Arc of Taste Library.
During the exhibition, a panel will be organized for World Food Day 16.10. at 7pm. Participants of the panel are Tamara Ognjević, gastroheritologist and Milica Mrvić, artist.
During the opening of the exhibition and the tribune program, visitors will have the opportunity to taste specially prepared food, which will be prepared using traditional food and recipes by Belgrade Market chefs.
Exhibition “What you didn’t know existed. Endangered Foods from All Over the World ”was designed by Slow Food in collaboration with designer and curator Josephine Vargo. The exhibition will also be held in Brussels (spring 2020) and Polenza (summer 2020), with the possibility of additional exhibitions at those institutions of interest.

More about the project: The Food is Culture / F.UTURE project Slow Food and its partners want to breathe new life into foods that are forgotten or missing, giving the public the opportunity to discover them, virtually visit places where they originate and listen to stories about them. The Food is Culture / F.UTURE project aims to make Europe’s citizens aware that gastronomic heritage is a means of expressing their shared belonging to Europe and a better understanding of the richness and uniqueness of European cultural diversity. We need to pay more attention to preserving and promoting our shared food heritage! �Food is Culture / F.UTURE is a project funded by the Creative Europe Europe program, with input from Fondazione CRC di Cuneo, led by Slow Food with its partners Kinookus, Europa Nostra , New Iskra Creative Hub, Transpond AB. The exhibition in Belgrade was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.


More Than the Ark of Taste Libraries: The Ark of Taste is an online catalog that is enlarged every day through proposals and nominations from people who witness that the foods and flavors of their childhood are slowly disappearing, bringing with them a piece of culture and history. Anyone can contribute to combat this oblivion by suggesting a product or helping the library work through a donation. More information can be found on the official Arc of Taste website https://www.fondazioneslowfood.com/en/what-we-do/the-ark-of-taste/about-the-project/


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