HAJDE FESTIVAL 12 – 14.07.2019. Izletiste Popovica

HAJDE FESTIVAL 12 – 14.07.2019. Izletiste Popovica
Fruška Gora
12.Jul.2019 - 14.Jul.2019
00:00Novi SadSrbija

HAJDE! is a link between young artists who live, work or study in Switzerland with artists who build their art career in Serbia. Switzerland is a country of rich and varied artistic past and contemporary art scene. Young artists from all over the world are staying in Switzerland for studying, professional development and various forms of their professional orientation. At the same time, in Serbia, especially in Novi Sad, new forms of stage art appear and an innovative generation of contemporary theater is being created. For this reason, the important goal of our Festival is to connect these two diverse worlds and enable them to present their works to the international public, first in Fruška Gora, and then throughout Europe and the world. HAJDE! has a dual role: On the one hand, the festival offers a diverse program of international performances and educational workshops aimed at the development of the audience. On the other hand, the festival provides the opportunity to get to know each other, to enhance their professional development, to connect and develop friendly and professional relationships. HAJDE! is held in the beautiful environment of the Fruška Gora National Park, an area with high natural value natural ecosystems. The organizer of the Festival – Panonika (in the past years with a focus on protection and improvement of the environment) insists on the sustainable framework of the Festival promoting the main goals of the Festival and preserving nature and its values.


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