Indigo 17.01.2019. Youth Theater

Indigo 17.01.2019. Youth Theater
Ignjata Pavlasa 4, Novi Sad, Serbia
20:00Novi SadSrbija
In the play that will make you laugh and laugh and tear you will play maestro: Danica Maksimovic, Marija Vickovic and Branislav Lecic who directed the show. The story starts at the office, two female colleagues, an elderly woman, a dragon with gods, behind which are male miles, – Ana (Danica Maksimović), for whom every bitch saw her thought: “Look how powerful it is, that I can be just half as much in her age!” And a young apprentice eager for everything, a cocktail, a typical office appearance at the table of the married director of the company – White (Marija Vickovic), for which every matorka traitors and jealously recounts her youth. Dana’s character is a woman who has spent her whole life in a career, has two failed marriages and a bunch of lovers, missed the opportunity and now she is alone, with a blouse in a purse hidden among creams for wrinkles and envelopes in which it is fired, because it is a technological surplus.
A young colleague takes the older and former lover and run for years and jobs, but feels a moral guilt for a moment. Somewhere before the end, when Dan’s character gets fired, Leka’s role as a technician, a former slave-girl on a conditional, immoral, executed and seemingly mentally ill man, is revealed in the whole story in the office, which is the representation of every type of person we circulated in a wide port, he is not a prince on a white horse, and he could give a lot of emotionally crippled girls much. Danica recounts the fate of a smart, successful and attractive woman, and then she asks us: “What if a trained woman wants to replace us tomorrow?” What if one day we wake up next to a husband with the smell of another, much younger woman, as now the wives of the man we are in contact with are waking up? What if we do not realize ourselves in the role of the mother, women fall into the clutches of our own ambition and at one point in the middle of the play shouts: “I am no longer profitable to anyone!”
You can book tickets in the book Little Small Book (Hall of Youth Theater) and via at the price of; 1000 dinars for Parter I, 800din for Parter II and 800din for balcony


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