KOLJA 08.02.2019. STUDIO M

KOLJA 08.02.2019. STUDIO M
Radnička, Novi Sad, Serbia
20:00Novi SadSrbija
“We will play in Novi Sad every month, that’s in our plan,” Kolja said at the December concert in the legendary Studio M. Therefore, (with a slight January pause), on February 8, a second concert in Novi Sad, Kolja promoted the album “4 Fingers” in Studio M.
The ticket via Gigstix costs 1,200 dinars.
The cult author, guitarist and singer Nikola Pejaković Kolja released this year’s new album “4 Finger” (Long Play publisher), a huge collection of as many as 19, in the blouse of well-founded, yet genre-diversified compositions.

“This album is full of music, it is deeply carved into the musical past, the consciousness and condition of my producer, guitarist and friend Voje Aralica and me, so I really see him as my key and best album … I want this record to come to people and to listen. Earlier, I did not care much about it, “Kolja points out.
The album “4 Fingers”, with expectation, brings with passion the played blues stuff like “Age will not be waiting for anyone”, “You’re late” or “Picture of the deceased friend,” but then he knows to fly in the soul-pop ” “or slow down with the light” Take This Song “and reflective” Life is a Dream “, even turns into singing in English in” Land of Hope “or surprises with three strings colored, instrumental. On the new album, Kolja surprises with composing music on the verses of the great Serbian poet Jovan Jovanović Zmaj (1833-1904).
In Koljina band, along with guitarist Voja Aralica and keyboardist Ivan Aleksijevic Pancevac, contrabassist Milan Pavkovic and drummer Duca Ivanisevic.
Known as a screenwriter, director and actor, Kolya presented himself on the music scene with “Mom, Do not Cry” (2001), “Kolja” (2009). i
“Crypters” (2013).

TICKET – 1200 dinars


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