Late Night Classic filharmonijski afterparti 08.02.2019.taman club

Late Night Classic filharmonijski afterparti 08.02.2019.taman club
Karađorđeva 44, Belgrade, Serbia
After DJ Taki and DJ Jelkinje, it’s time to show one of the most recognizable faces of our house for DJ art.
The first smile of the Philharmonic Orchestra, the epicenter of positive energy, and the person whose appearance has been personified by BGF for years, our PR manager Jelena Milašinović becomes DJ Jelllena on Friday, February 8, at 23:00 (every resemblance to real people and events is coincidental) and stands for the DJ Pult of the Savamala Club “Taman “. This philharmonic afterparty will be followed by a concert at Kolarac, where the Philharmonic will be lead by conductor Howard Griffiths, and the soloist Dorijan, a member of the Choir of Viennese Boys and the choir Obilić AKUD Branko Krsmanović, will be guest.
This evening, DJ Jelllena will present the audience of the club at Karađorđevo Street the best of classical music, in the same way as every day in his work presents the Philharmonic. As a third philharmonic DJ, she will try to prove that classical music has its place in club culture and the nightlife of Belgrade.
The Philharmonic Orchestra, with this series of parties, wants to bring classical music out of the “rigid” and “distant” frames and approach the urban club population of Belgrade as something that can be enjoyed equally as well as with the energy of charged electronic music rhythms.


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