Mixer Festival: Circuses! 24 – 26.05.2019. Donji dorćol

Mixer Festival: Circuses! 24 – 26.05.2019. Donji dorćol
Gundulićev venac 56, Belgrade, Serbia
24.May.2019 - 26.May.2019

Jubilee Mixer Festival!

The Cultural Organization Mikser presents its jubilee, tenth edition of the Mixer Festival in the new location in Donji Dorćol in the year of 24-26. May.

“Circular” – the slogan of the jubilee festival that returns to the regional scene after a year of pause – symbolically marks a strategic partnership with the United Nations Development Program – UNDP Serbia on the launch of the Circular Economy Platform in Serbia, which will open a new chapter in networking the cultural , creative and IT sectors with experts for sustainable development.

Strongly oriented towards the future, the festival will be dedicated to the topics of sustainable development and circular economy, as a new culture of life and work. Seventy-two hours of continuous dialogue between artists, designers, IT experts, urban planners, ecologists, innovative companies, and young talents and students will have a common denominator in presenting a model for creating a more beautiful, humane future.

One of the main locations of the Tenth Mikser Festival – the Museum of Science and Technology in Skenderbegova street, where the first electric power station in Belgrade for public lighting and tramways was put into operation in 1893 – strongly symbolizes a program concept dedicated to innovations that improve the quality of life of all citizens. The festival’s programs will also take place at the other points of the urban culture of the lower Dorcol, making this quarter a creative epicenter of Belgrade, with more than 500 participants through 9 program units, including the big international conference “Shift”, the workshop “Cirkulaton”, the Innovation Expo “, Design Zone, CirculArt, Food for the Future, Eco Bazaar, Mixer Kids Hub and music program that will be held on the open scene of Dorćol Platz.

The heart of the festival is the big international conference “Shift” that will gather some of the most important domestic and European experts, advocates and motivators of the change of society towards a sustainable and circular culture, as well as representatives of all relevant domestic institutions that should deal with this topic in Serbia. Ready to share his rich experience of exchanging with colleagues from the Balkans through lectures, discussions and workshops at the SHIFT conference will be the world-renowned innovator Gunter Pauli of Belgium – member of the Roman Club and author of the Blue Economy concept, Ladeja Year Košir – the driving force of the circular economy Slovenia, Central and Eastern Europe, Kari Harlevi – Director of Circular Economy Department of the Fund for the Future of Finland – SITRA, Michela Magaš – European Innovator of the Year 2017, founder and director of the British Techstudio Festival, Tjaša Ficko, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana responsible for the project Ljubljana Green Capital of Europe 2016, but also the surprise of “Shift” – Antonije Pusic, better known as Rambo Amadeus, this time as an ecological activist and moderator of talks with Ginter Pauli, which guarantees a very interesting dialogue at the festival.

In the framework of the festival expo, at the Innovation Expo, which will take place on the surface of 3000 m2 in the yard of the Museum of Science and Technology, innovators, companies, civil society organizations and green strartap will present their inspirational solutions to environmental protection, from the design of eco products and materials, modern solutions for agriculture and afforestation, through innovative use of waste – recycling, rational use of water resources, renewable energy sources, to digitization such as smart city solutions, robotics, smart vehicles, and other innovations in everyday life and work .

Mikser continues its tradition of “open doors” for young talents from creative areas and has for decades been a polygon for the first professional steps of the most talented young designers and multidisciplinary artists.

The ever more impressive jury of the selection of “Young Balkan Designers” led by one of Germany’s biggest and world industrial designers, Konstantin Grcic, returns Mikser to his organic support – a design. For the first time, we will see in one place prototypes of young designers from the whole region who are inspired by circular philosophy. Out of 38 winning works selected in sharp competition, 12 are from Serbia.
Mikser’s Art Platform Black Box this year presents a new challenge to young artists under the slogan “Still Life”, and provides space for their personal reflection on the future, expectations and hopes. Do we have a perspective as a civilization? Are we waiting for the reality from the Autostoperski vodič, Obojeni program, or are we tired and adaptable in climate and ecological chaos?
Surprise and innovation will not be missed even in the musical part of Mikser festival program – Bella Technika will premierly perform its concert on May 25th at Dorćol Platz at Jubilee Mixer. After several decades of collaboration within the Darkwood Dub group, Bojan Drobac Bambi and Milorad Ristic Miki formed the band Bella Technika. When Katarina Jovanovic joined the band as a vocalist, the true star of the European opera scene, a completely new and original


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