Neon Puma

Neon Puma
Ruzveltova 1, Belgrade, Serbia

Dear people, April 5 at Pulse Club, Neon Puma and Young Husbands are making a mistake for you. A bunch of energy and a modern rock sound for all people who are looking for quality alternative content. Come to socialize and split space-time.
Neon Puma has been missing for two years and bravely steps towards recording his first album. In music they think a lot about live performance – they know that you do not have time for ballads, so it will provide a set that pumps from the first to the last second. The sound of Neon Pume can be best described as a melodic rock with occasional excursions in the harder sound of modern metal, but this band never goes into the dark waters from which your mood does not exist, but remains in the most dynamic moments in the domain of melodiousness and a playful-jumping atmosphere from the beginning to the end, make you bend in the perfect resonance with Pumin’s tight rhythm section. From wide guitar guitars to tense j-rock rhythms, the band gently stroll between drastically different musical expressions, soothing them into compact compositions that untranslate their story and roll back to celebrate the life and joy of music.
The Young Husbands composition has been a long time since 2008 when a few friends decided to make a band that would play the bands they love for their souls. It took little time and will to get to the first author’s work from processing, and from 2011 to the present, Young Husbands has released three EPs and two singles. He succeeded in making a bunch and three clips. Members are all more or less active on the scene from the early two thousandths, and now participate in other compositions. Today, they are Kosta and Bojan (guitars and vocals), Peter (bass) and Stefan (drums). The sound changed with time and the life and musical influences that were born, but the basis remained unchanged – a blend of punk and rock and roller who can ride towards melancholy, but also to wake up into energetic, even aggressive heights. Young Husbands does not survive as a conceptual or genre-defined band, but merges with their members.
Ticket price: 250rsd
See you there!


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