Nipplepeople 15.03.2019. Dom omladine

Nipplepeople 15.03.2019. Dom omladine
Makedonska 22, Belgrade, Serbia

The mysterious electro pop duo Nipplepeople, whose two singles “Frka” and “Tomorrow” will record millions of reviews at Jutjub, will hold a concert on March 15 (21:00) in the “American” hall of the Youth Center of Belgrade.

The masked female-male duo regionally broke in 2017 with the fantastic treatment of the long-time hit Zdenka Kovačiček “Frka”, which caused the audience to discover their previous singles, from debutant “Tomorrow” and “Number”, through “Better” and “I do not like te “, to the brilliant” Balkan Express “.Nipplepeople last month sold a” Factory “in their home Zagreb, setting a record for domestic performers, and now they come to Belgrade after a long time for the first big independent concert. Nipplepeople is also a regional festival attraction, for which there is no official biography, the identity of the members is unknown, which does not reveal people live or on photographs, nor give statements. Nipplepeople carefully chose to dedicate and did not make any wrong steps. The entry costs 800 dinars in pre-order on February 2nd via , or at the DOB cash box. Starting from March 1 entrance fee is 1.000 dinars, and on the day of the concert, if any, 1.200 dinars.


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