Parallels 27.09 – 12.10.2019. Progres Gallery

Parallels 27.09 – 12.10.2019. Progres Gallery
Kneza Mihaila 27, Belgrade, Serbia
27.Sep.2019 - 12.Oct.2019
The first group art exhibition within the KVART Belgrade Waterfront cultural and artistic initiative, called “Parallels”, opens on Friday, September 27 at 8 pm.
In the audience of the already well-known exhibition space BW Experience (Progres Gallery, Knez Mihailova 27), this time their works will be exhibited by local painters Jovanka Stanojevic, Miroslav Lazovic and Stanko Zecevic, while the author of the exhibition is art historian Oliver Vukotic.
As she points out, these are extremely authentic artistic personalities – they “rely on aesthetics based on art history, but at the same time recognize their time, in which they always find something new and stimulating, confirming the thesis about the vitality of painting.”
As painters respond to the stimuli of the moment by works of art, certain connections are necessarily made between their works, for they are the thinking expression of their epoch. However, they are distinguished by their stylistic and generational heterogeneity, which is observed by careful observation.
Thus, the temperamental and powerful art of Miroslav Lazovic is a reflection of the tumultuous inner life of the painter, who deeply feels himself and his time. In contrast, the poetics of Jovanka Stanojevic bear distinctly figural features – her portraits of large formats depict the man of today, and the noticeable ease of expression in which lines and shapes flow like a calm river, without obstacles. In the end, Stanko Zecevic’s work blends reality and imagination, introducing us to a world of ideas with a high degree of fantasy, in which mythical beings and characters take on a whole new meaning.
Selector of the exhibition “Parallels”, Oliver Vukotic, is the organizer of numerous author, study, problem and other exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, as well as the author of more than 500 professional texts and several books. Exhibitors of “Parallels” are recognized creators, winners of numerous awards for their works of art, and participants of many solo and collective exhibitions.
Admission is free of charge, as is the case with all previous exhibitions within the KVART Belgrade Waterfront project. The exhibition is realized in cooperation with the gallery “Staff”.


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