RHCP Tribute (Ritam Sex-I-Ja) Live 29.12.2018. Atom ACademi

RHCP Tribute (Ritam Sex-I-Ja) Live 29.12.2018. Atom ACademi
Cara Dušana 13, Belgrade, Serbia
👉 Rhythm Sex-i-I Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute band is one of the most famous regional Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute bands. 👈Bend performed in almost all major clubs in Belgrade and became a real RHCP attraction in Belgrade in a very short time. Since 2014, they have organized a regional tour where they held concerts at major music festivals in Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

🎤 The repertoire of the band consists of the biggest hits of the group Red Hot Chili Peppers, from the oldest of the 80’s to the songs from their latest album, The Getaway (2016). For six years, they have been successfully transmitting the hot energy of Red Hot Chili Peppers to domestic and European audiences. 🎤
At their performances the audience feels like at the concert of the world’s largest funk-rock band. They also have an appearance at the EXIT Festival in 2017.
Do not miss this spectacle and book your places on time
Input: 400 rsd

☎️ (381) 631070871
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