Snarky Puppy // 23.06.2019. MusicologyBarcaffeSessions

Snarky Puppy // 23.06.2019. MusicologyBarcaffeSessions
Mitropolita Petra 8, Belgrade, Serbia
Musicology Barcaffe Sessions is proud to present:
SNARKY PUPPY Live in BelgradeKalemegdan 6/23/2019.
For the first time in this part of the world, after several years of our perseverance and effort, Michael Lig and his “superb” finally arrive in Serbia!
Snarky Puppy, a planet-known band and winner of 3 Gremi Awards, will close this year’s Musicology Barcaffe Sessions series, a concert on tennis courts on Kalemegdan on June 23.
The bassist, composer and leader of the band Michael Lig, formed Snarky Puppy in 2004, while today this band is based in New York and is made up of a group of over 30 musicians known as “The Fam”. This family on tour performs in groups of 9-15 musicians from this rotating setting, which ensures that each concert is a completely different experience, not only because of the constantly innovative setlist. He will perform in Belgrade in full, and we expect a real musical spectacle!
This end of the season will be a crown after our many years of effort to bring to Serbia the most accurate and high quality musical compositions of different styles.
Just like we do not want to feature our festival in a genre, Snarky is special about it. Although we can first present them as a fuzzy jazz band, they got Gremi for Best R


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