Trash Challenge Avala – cleaning action and picnic 21.04.2019. avala

Trash Challenge Avala – cleaning action and picnic 21.04.2019. avala
AVALA, Belgrade, Serbia

There is a lot of challenges ahead of us. Trash challenge on Avala will be great, but we can do it if you join us!
We invite you to mark with us the start of the Trash Challenge campaign, Serbia, and the World Earth Day, with a major clean-up campaign on the territory of Avala on April 21, 2019. On that occasion, together with the hosts of the action Avala Green Life and volunteers from all over Belgrade, we will clean the wild landfill at the location of the Vineyard Road (at the turn for Vrčin). This wild landfill is located on over three hectares of forest and threatens to endanger one of the most important natural assets that Belgrade has.
You can find the location here:
The action will last from 10 to 12 hours and all participants are provided with tools, gloves and sacks for sorting and collection of waste. After the action, we will organize the Trash Challenge Picnic – a workshop on the classification of waste for children, lunch and socializing for all volunteers. Our sweet partner and this time will be Jaffa Crvenka.
The Trash Challenge Campaign, Serbia, was launched by Ekostar Pak and Trash Hero Belgrade with the desire to motivate citizens, organizations and companies to clean their environment and inspire others to action. The action on Avala will be supported by WalkingbytheEarth, Fly011, Koly socks, Logical loops and Restaurant Đurđevdan.
We invite you to join us, together with your family and friends, and help Avala to remain a paradise we know.


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