We clean Donji Dorćol 11.05.2019.

We clean Donji Dorćol 11.05.2019.
Donji Dorćol, Cara Uroša, Belgrade, Serbia
Dear Mikserovci, Dorćolke and Dorćolci, citizens, collectives, faculties, schools, companies, non-governmental organizations and all people of good will!
To meet “Mikser festival 2019”, which is from 24-26. May is held in Donji Dorćol under the slogan “Circles”, and in the desire to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of preserving your closest living environment, we invite you to a great action to clean Donji Dorćol on the line between the streets of Žorž Klemanso and Tadeuš Košćuški, as well as the Danube Street and Dusan.
Join us on May 11 this year at 11 am! The gathering place is in the park near the GSP, in Panciceva Street. There are no age limits, everyone is welcome. There are bags for collecting waste and gloves, it is only for you to bring good mood.
The action “Let’s clean Donji Dorćol!” Is organized by Mikser festival and Trash Hero Beograd with the support of Ekostar Pak, in cooperation with city cleanliness, which will collect collected quantities of waste. Report your teams! The teams will be deployed in the three areas of Donji Dorćol. There will be awards for the most valuable. The most humorous team names will also receive a reward. After the action, we all go to the Belgrade Market, which is located in Žorža Klemansoa Street, where awards will be given, and a large banana beans will be prepared for all participants in celebration and socializing!
Note: We are not interested in political abuse of the rally, a gathering exclusively for citizens and activists!
Send the application with the team name and the number of members to donjidorcol@mikser.rs


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